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As the craze for online games is on the rise, the popularity of Roblox is also growing with each passing day. Roblox is an online game that has been quite popular and sought after lately due to some features that make it different and worth going for. It is free to register on Roblox, and you can download it and start collaborating with many like-minded people while playing. You can also use your creativity and showcase your skills by developing any new game and share it with all the users of this game.

As more and more players join the Roblox community, the Robux currency used for Roblox games has turned out to be the most sought after thing.

Without the digital currency Robux, it is impossible for you to buy any upgrade or exclusive feature, or customise the game, or to even survive in the game itself. It is not that easy to earn Robux currency as it requires great playing skills and continuous hard work to perform tasks. In this mad race of earning robux, many game players get frustrated and start thinking of how to get free robux. They start searching for easy ways to hoard free robux. If you’re a crazy fan of online games and a passionate lover of Roblox, you also must have searched for a free robux generator to help you garner that extra robux currency.

When you search for any robux hacks to fetch you the robux currency free of cost, you come across many sites or videos that claim to fetch you the free robux currency through robux hacks. In turn, they ask you to enter your login details like your password. Such sites are nothing but a scam to phish out your account details and hack it.

If you have ever heard of a free robux generator or a free robux generator with no human verification and are ready to go for it, beware! Most of the time, such sites turn out to be a hoax and a user ends up losing his vital information to a group of scammers and hackers. There are a very few trusted sources or links you can rely upon to earn robux for free and those sites never ask for anything more than your login username.

If you are interested in knowing how to get free robux currency to continue your game, we are here to help you get that what you want and that too legally. We’ll walk you through our step by step guide with some assured ways to add free robux currency to your Roblox account and continue enjoying the experience of online gaming.

Earn Free Robux right away: A Step-by-Step Guide to earn Robux for free

There are a few tested methods and ways through which one can earn Robux currency for free. These methods act just like the self-proclaimed free robux generator sites that are simply nothing but a trap set for hacking.

Some ways that work like robux hacks but are fully legal have been discussed below. You can just go through them and enhance your experience of playing on the Roblox gaming platform.

Free Robux Generator through Roblox Promo Codes
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Roblox Promo Codes come in the form of gifts or items associated with one or more popular games on Roblox gaming platform. These codes are key to a wide range of online games and earning Robux for free as well.

The problem with these codes is that it takes a lot of patience and efforts to find out such promo codes for use on net. Moreover, even if one eventually succeeds in finding out these promo codes to add robux currency to one’s account, they have very limited validity and get expired. If you had been on the hunt to find out how to get free robux, we’ve got you covered with some brand new promo codes that you can use avail yourself of. You can use them and get Robux added to your account right away. You can also find such promo codes through social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, etc. All you need to do is to just join any active Roblox Group or simply follow the profiles of some professionals associated with Roblox.

Given below in the table are some promo codes to help you:

S. No.


Roblox Promo Code


Glorious Pharaoh of the Sun



Showtime Bloxy Popcorn Hat



Firestripe Fedora



Full Metal Tophat



12th Birthday Cake Hat



Jurrasic World Sunglasses



IOI Helmet



Playful Red Dino



24k Gold Headphones



Shades of the Blue Bird Following



Vulture’s Mask



Southwest Straw Fedora



Visor of the Blue Bird Following



Violet Hood of the Ages



150k Summer Shades



KCA Slime Wings



Next Level MLG Headphones



Next Level Future Visor



Transylvanian Cap



¬†Bloxikin #36: Livestreamin’ Lizard



The Bird Says _____.



Next Level Blue Headphones



75k Super Swoop



50k Space ‘Hawk


Purchase Builders Club Membership from Roblox site

Though purchasing club membership to get Robux currency is not free of cost as it involves money, it has more advantages than you can think of. With this membership, you can redeem a lot many awards and offers.

Once you become a member of Builder’s Club, you will get some fixed amount or daily Robux stipend as free Robux currency. The amount and the awards will keep increasing with the increase in your level of membership. There are three levels of membership you can avail yourself of. They are Classic/Regular Builder’s Club membership, Turbo Builder’s Club Membership, and Outrageous Builder’s Club Membership in increasing order of the benefits they have.

The advantages don’t end here. Along with these benefits, you can also trade your various items like shirts, pants, hats, and others in return of Robux currency. You can also sell game passes to others and earn Robux.

So, you can go for the purchase of club membership for sustained benefits over a long period.

Sell Your Designs and Creations to Get Free Robux without Human Verification
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If you are passionate about knowing how to get free robux, we have one more technique that you        can make use of. For a passionate and innovative designer of online games, Roblox is the right platform to sell his games. With this feature offered by Roblox, a creative developer can not only showcase his skills to the others but also can decide on what price he can sell his game access at.

Use Google Apps and Get Free Robux
roblox promo codes

Google Playstore is a blessing in disguise that you can utilize to earn money online through apps. If you are among the ones looking for easy ways to make money, you must have come across many such apps that can help you earn money. All you need to do is to simply use your smartphones, take help of some youtube videos and jot down the names of such apps in a go. Just download them, follow the instructions and get rewarded monetarily. Use this money earned for free to purchase Robux. It has no investment but only monetary returns.

There are still other websites too that allow you to get free Google play cards or codes. You can use them to earn gift items and sell them on Roblox in place of Robux (Rx) currency. Call it a robux hack or a free robux generator technique or simply the use of one’s brains, this method is definitely worth giving a shot!!

Get Free Robux with Free Robux Generator site

A yet another tested method of earning Robux currency for free is the use of some legal websites. A very tested and reliable site that provides you with a chance to get Robux currency for free is Free Robux Generator. Unlike many other fraudulent sites that ask you to enter your login password and other security information, this site never asks for such details. All you need to do is simply enter your username after visiting the site and you’ll get 5 Robux instantly as login perk.

Use I-Tunes credit:
easy robux

This method is sure to grab the attention of all the I-phone users out there. All you need to get Robux through this method is a device working on IoS, an active internet and an active mind. Android users have got Google play codes as an alternative as described in one of the points above.

Having elaborated all the methods to get Robux currency for free, we advise you to use only tested methods to get Robux currency.

Take Away 

By now, we hope that you must have got the answer to your biggest question: ‚ÄėHow to Get Free¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† Robux‚ÄĚ? As discussed in detail above, it is pretty clear that there are very few legal and tested sources to generate Robux currency for free. Most of the sources and sites suggested are simply nothing but hoaxes.

Next time you hear of any site or source that boasts of having robux hacks to earn Robux without having to pay anything for that, think twice or thrice!! They can just be a trap to lure you into revealing your confidential information to scammers. We accept that some robux hacks might work magic for a few, but most of them do not last long. Roblox is an advanced gaming platform with its team continuously working towards eradicating even the smallest glitch possible.

Just enjoy Roblux and don‚Äôt let anyone fool you in this mad race of adding Robux to your account free of cost. As has been rightly said, ‚ÄúA bird in hand is better than two in the bush‚ÄĚ, you need to think of securing your hard earned Robux first instead of falling in the trap of any such self-proclaimed¬†free robux generator without human verification site.

A lot of intensive research and efforts have gone into the finalization of this article as we wanted this article to be exhaustive and fully informative for our dear readers. Do comment below and let us know your outlook after reading this article. We welcome any suggestions or methods from our users other than those mentioned above that can generate Robux currency free of charge.

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