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Roblox is not just an online gaming platform now. Rather, it is an immersive 3-D environment where you can create adventures, imagine places with friends, play different games and enjoy them, and earn money by showcasing your skills. Robux is the currency that Roblox uses. It is very important for this gaming platform as it is the key to full utilization of all features of these games on Roblox website. Though you can purchase Robux with the real-world money, by gaining profit on the items you sell in Roblox community, or choosing to become a Roblox community paid member by joining Builder’s Club. But there are yet other ways you can make easy Robux without having to go through any of the procedures.

Read on to know all the methods to know how to get free Robux easily to continue playing different games and enjoying their features.

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Methods to Get Easy Robux

1. Roblox Promo Codes

These promo codes let you purchase anything you want without having to pay any money or Robux. Though these promo codes don’t directly fetch you Robux for free, but are useful as they save your expenses on purchasing more of this virtual currency.

2. Free Robux Generator

If you are a true fan of Roblox and want to use all its features, you must have definitely searched for the ideas or websites for easy Robux. It is true that some sites have free Robux generators to offer to gamers of Roblox. You can visit them and use their generators. But one thing you should keep in mind while visiting such sites and using these generators is that you should use their generators directly on your primary Roblox account. You should first use them on a secondary account and check whether they are really working or not. Only if you get satisfied fully with the results, use them on your primary account. Further, never fall for every such site as some may ask you to enter your password and spam you. Two such tested sites are Robux Mania and Robux Hunter that helps you earn up to 1000 Robux or gift cards.

3. Rixty Codes
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Rixty Codes are a very easy way to access game reward points for a variety of online games.

A company by the name Swagbucks helps you earn Rixty Codes by taking different short surveys, signing up for newsletters, or downloading its app. You can trade these reward points and earn Rixty codes in return. These Rixty codes can easily be used on a host of online games like CSGO, Warframe, and Roblox.

4. Google Play Codes and iTunes Credit
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It is a great way of earning Robux for Android and iOS device users. All you need to do is take some surveys, complete some tasks, or watch videos. The iTune credits or Google Play codes you get from these can be conveniently used to gain free Robux. Signing up for newsletters is also a good way of earning credits.


5. Join the Builder’s Club

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Buy a Builder’s Club membership so that you get access to some free Robux as stipend every single day. Though they are not free as you have to invest some money in buying these memberships, still the advantages of premium memberships can easily compensate the money spent on it. The details of the three types of clubs are as under:

    • Classic Builder’s Club

    This membership costs around $5.95 every month. This membership offers 15 Robux every day to all members.

    • Turbo Builder’s Club

    This membership costs around $11.95 every month. This membership offers 53 Robux to all members. Further, members of this club can also avail of other premium features that are also added in this membership.

    • Outrageous Builder’s Club

    Best in-game features are available in this club. The membership of this club costs around $19.95.

    6. Trade Items in Builder’s Club

    Another way to generate easy Robux is trading in different digital apparels like T-shirts, pants, hats, etc. in the club you are a member of. All the members of a Builder’s Club are fully entitled to sell or buy any item in Roblox community. Further, this is also an easily accessible platform to make some extra free Robux by showcasing your creativity and creating your own digital items and put them up for sale.


    7. Sell your creations

    free robux generatorCreativity matters a lot in Roblox. If you possess that extra edge to create something innovative, Roblox is the right platform for you to make easy Robux. You can not only sell small digital items like hats, pants, etc. but also design much sophisticated buildings and other creations with the creation tool of Roblox Studio and earn huge amounts of Robux. If you are a great designer, other developers can hire you in return for free Robux.


    Thus, you can see that if you are interested in knowing how to generate Robux for free, you can easily know the foolproof techniques discussed above and enjoy Robux without paying anything in return for them.

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